Friday, May 19, 2006

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Squires Garden

Super Dancer (Blyth 1989) Super Dancer

Wild Sharon (Sutton 1994)
Wild Sharon
Peaches in Wine (Pryor 1998) Louisiana IrisPeaches in Wine
Cordoba (Ghio 1998)Cordoba

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Lauritzen Garden

Iris Japonica

Kathy's Karnival (Shepard 2005)
Tiger Shark (Maryott 1986)Tiger Shark
Hawaiian Rain

Seedling 95-5 (De Santis - not yet introduced)

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Moon Garden

Surely White (Lauer 1999)Surely White

Lady Friend (Ghio 1980)
Lady Friend

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Deaton Garden

Double Vision (Ghio 1999)
Double Vision

Silk Brocade (Keppel 1999)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Gasser Garden

With an interest in the art of dance, and in dancing, Judith has collected many irises with dance related names. Here are a few of them.

French Can Can (Cayeux 2002)French Can Can

Pink Dancer (V. Wood 1995)
Pink Dancer

Charleston (Keppel 2002)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Bonino Garden

Here are a few highlights of each garden. Enjoy!

Bonino Garden

Wintry Sky (Keppel 2002)
Wintry Sky

Pond Lily (Jones 1995)
Pond Lily
Harbinger (Terrell 1962)

Region 15 Trek 2006 - Introduction

The San Fernando Valley Iris Society was responsible for organizing AIS’s Region 15 Trek for 2006. It was held the weekend starting Friday, April 21 through Sunday, April 23.

Most of the pictures covered here will be for the garden trek. Other activities were conducted at the hotel or at the gardens on a separate day, such as Eileen Fiumara's Judges Training on Artistic Design Friday evening, and AIS President Jeanne Plank Garden Judges Training on Sunday morning. I’m hoping that someone else captured those moments and will post them on the Web in the near future.

The garden trek was charming. Each location was unique and reflected the qualities of each designer/irisarian and “Master Gardener.” There were many compliments heard throughout the day.

Six San Fernando Valley Iris Society gardens were featured:

Joe and Jill Bonino, Glendale, CA.

In the picture below, Jill Bonino (left) is accompanied by AIS President Jeanne Plank, and her husband Bob.

Judith and Alan Gasser, Sylmar, CA.

Cheryl and Gary Deaton, Canyon Country, CA.

Brian Moon and Leigh Nicolai-Moon, Santa Clarita, CA.

Jan and Mike Lauritzen, Chartsworth, CA.

Randy and Betty Squires, North Hills, CA.

In the picture below Randy (left) is showing garden visitors some of his latest iris creations.

Friday, May 12, 2006


The San Fernando Valley Iris Society welcomes you to our photo blog site. We hope that you enjoy our pictures and description of our activities and iris gardens.

The above picture is of Batik (Ensminger 1985), a border bearded (BB) iris. The border bearded irises are shorter than the tall bearded, but bloom around the same time. The purple and white flowers have a yellow beard and bloom on stalks of approximately 24 inches. Batik's style is of broken colors, and is described as "white ground, striped royal purple B-yellow tipped white." HM 1988, AM 1990. This photo was taken at the Bonino Garden on the San Fernando Valley Iris Society's hosted Region 15 Trek 2006, on April 22.